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US Online Sports Bettors and Casino Gamblers Will Soon Have ATM Options


ATM Options Will Now Be Available for Casino Gamblers and Sports Bettors in the United States

Nowadays, one of the factors that attracts gamblers to sign up in an online casino is the multiple payment options available on the site.

A recent improvement in the industry will now allow online casino gamblers and sports bettors to have a much faster access to their funds via a more facilitated withdrawal process.

Cardless withdrawals is now available

A successful iGaming and online sports betting financial services company called PayNearMe has recently announced that they will be collaborating with Pin4. The project is believed to allow online gamblers to access their money online much quicker and the project is expected to launch in early 2022.

On the other hand, Pin4 is a business-to-business financial technology firm that aims to give solutions to companies who are seeking more reliable ways to collect cash.

PayNearMe customers will start to access their 4D result money online faster in over 18,000 automatic teller machines all over the United States starting January next year.

Ease of access

According to a representative of PayNearMe, the process is easy and much quicker. In order to make a cash payout, customers have to schedule a transaction within their PayNearMe account.

After confirming the amount that is intended to be withdrawn, and inputting the phone number online, the customer will receive a mobile phone message that bears the four-digit code.

When the customer arrives at one of the associated ATMs, the customer has to enter their mobile number along with the desired withdrawal amount, and the PIN digits to take the cash in an instant.

During the SBC Summit North America that was held in Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, PayNearMe and Pin4 announced their project and collaboration.

Withdrawal Problems

PayNearMe is expected to be operational next year and it will be available in 17 states where online gaming is regulated. The iGaming firm also has partnerships with nine of the ten major platforms and providers of sports betting and online casinos services, which includes BetMGM, FanDuel and Caesars Sportsbook.

One of the major causes of headaches to online bettors in the United States is that they can only access their funds if it is available for withdrawal. According to PayNearMe, their partnership with Pin4 will provide solutions to the major problems of online bettors.

According to Michael Kaplan, the chief revenue officer and general manager of PayNearMe, he said, “The process of withdrawing their money is the most stressful experience for most of the players in online casinos and sportsbooks.”

“It is our goal to solve the grievances of gaming operators with the ease of access of players to their funds. As the industry’s leading financial technology solutions provider, it aims to integrate both the withdrawal and deposit processes into a single platform and we will continue to improve our service for the operators and players,” Kaplan added.

PayNearMe says that the Pin4 ATM feature will be integrated to their iGaming and sports betting financial platforms that will be available to the leading online casinos and sportsbooks.

iGaming ATMs

Withdrawing their funds in PayNearMe is expected to be a new feeling for the customers since they are more acquainted with e-wallets and credit cards. Customers can now easily access their money without using any ATM card in this new financial transaction.

One of the reasons why PayNearMe decided to collaborate with Pin4 is because they have seen the huge amount of online bettors who prefer to utilize cash in their gambling sessions rather than going for digital money.

Now that the payment options are much more expanded with cardless withdrawal, along with new payment options like crypto wallet, vouchers and e-wallets, players can now have multiple options to safely access their hardwon funds after they played in 4D results Singapore.