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Understanding the Mathematics of Casino Profit


The house edge is a fundamental concept in the gambling world and represents casinos’ mathematical advantage over players in various games. For one using Lotus365, India’s best betting platform, understanding house edge would allow making better informed decisions while betting to enhance overall gaming experiences. Therefore, this blog will dwell on what the house edge means, how different casino games have different edges and methods that can be employed to minimize it.

What is House Edge?

Also known as the “casino advantage”, it indicates how much of every wager made in a game the casino expects to retain in the long term. It ensures that regardless of whether a player loses or wins individually, the casino always makes a profit. The specific house edges vary from one game rule to another.

If for instance a game has 5% house edge then out of all money wagered on that game by gamblers throughout history up to date 5% of it shall remain with casinos. This implies that for every $100 staked on this game the gambling den expects to get $5 gain.

House Edge in Popular Casino Games

Different casino games have different house edges which can greatly affect your odds of winning. Here are some popularly played casino games with their respective house edges:


House Edge: 0.5% − 2%

Details: When played optimally, blackjack has one of the lowest house edges among other games available at casinos. The actual value though depends on conditions like number of decks and dealer hitting soft seventeen.


House Edge: 2.7%, (European) – 5.26%, (American)

Details: European Roulette is characterized by single zero while its American counterpart features both single and double zeros hence more favorable for players because of its lower house edge compared to American Roulette.


House Edge:-2%−10%

Details: Slot machines come in different varieties with distinct payout structures which makes their house edges vary widely among different types of games. A higher denomination slot will generally have a lower house edge.


House Edge: 1.36% (Pass Line Bet) – 16.67% (Any 7 Bet)

Details: Craps have various types of bets that have different house edges. Pass Line and Come bets are some of the lowest edges whereas Any 7 is a line with higher edges.


House Edge: 1.06% (Banker Bet) – 14.36% (Tie Bet)

Details: Baccarat’s Banker bet has the lowest house advantage while Tie bet has an extremely high edge implying it is not a lucrative alternative for gamblers.


House Edge:20%-40%

Details: Keno game offers one of the highest house advantages making it one of those games being played on high risks by gamblers.

Strategies to Minimize House Edge

Though casinos benefit from the house edge, players can employ strategies that minimize its effect thus increasing their winning chances:

Play Games with Lower House Edges– Consider focusing more on playing such games as blackjack, baccarat, individual craps’ and roulette’s stakes which offer lesser house edges.

Learn Optimal Strategies– Players can reduce casino’s advantage greatly if they master optimal strategies used in specific games such as video poker or blackjack.

Manage Your Bankroll – Effective bankroll management helps you last longer in the game and increases your chances of going on a winning streak without using up all your money at once.

Grab the freebies: Take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions so that you can spend more time on the game thereby enhancing your chances of winning without risking extra cash.

Don’t make bets with high-house-edge: In Baccarat, this includes such bets as Tie bets; in Craps, Any 7 bets; and in Roulette, some proposition bets.


To maximize their winning prospects every casino player needs to understand how house edge works. You should try to minimize it by playing games with low house edges, mastering the best strategies for each particular game and being responsible with money management. Just get started on Lotus365 Casino Games for an amazing gaming experience.