Saturday, April 13, 2024

Tips for getting more comps at the Casino


Casino comps mean the complimentary services that casino players receive whenever they visit the premises. The Casino itself decides who to hand out these freebies to, and it makes your overall experience a lot better if you are on the receiving end. Here are a few things that you can try doing to get you more casino comps.

Go to the Casino with a partner.

Go with a partner but do not let the staff know. You need to give the impression that you do not know the other person sitting with you at the same table. In this way, even if you lose, you lose only half of what the Casino thinks you are already losing.

Similarly, when you do win, you actually don’t win as much but what will eventually happen is that the staff will notice you playing for long hours and making huge bets, making you a favorite and earning you a lot of comps.

Try to be generous.

You need to give the Casino a feeling that you are a big spender and are extremely generous. If you do not want to spend the cash and look generous all by yourself, go into the Casino with a group and do all the usual stuff.

Buy them food, drinks, and so on and pay from your pocket; all of us know that you can split the bill later on. If you make a good strong, and generous impression, you will earn a lot of points in getting you some extra comps. To experience the best Casino experience, jump on to NetBet Casino Online.

Try to come across as a person who loses often.

Besides being a big spender, all that the Casino wants from you is to be a sore loser. You do not necessarily need to lose more bets than you are winning to look like a loser. You need to keep your wins quiet but let everyone know whenever you have lost a hand.

This makes an impression of you losing more than you have. Be very careful not to upset people around you, but if you pull this off, you are bound to get a lot of freebies.

Play for longer hours.

There are two ways to go about this method. One, you could play for long hours, which will cost you a lot more money, even if you are mostly playing with smaller bets. However, this is a genuine method to get the right attention and earn yourself some comps.

Second, you could try and make it look like you have been playing for a long time. You could do that by taking more bathroom breaks, playing games that take more time, playing smaller hands for a longer time, and so on. You could even spend some time enjoying your food, drink,, or just browsing around at different tables. If the Casino feels like you spend a considerable amount of time there, you will receive a lot of comps.

Although comps are fun, exciting and make the entire casino experience better, they should never be your primary objective when you enter a casino. Instead, focus more on what you went there to do, and you would have a great time either way.