Saturday, April 13, 2024

Tag playing poker style


It is essential that, before you start playing poker at, you get to understand about tag playing strategy. It is better known as tight-aggressive and one of the modern-day poker invention. With the games of poker getting more rigid, the aggression level has gone to a new height.

If you happen to be new in implementing and understanding a aggressive style, you will require to slowly transition into the newer approach because it is not something that you will learn instantly. With TAG poker, it requires several trial and error and variance tolerance. No one ever said that to play TAG is easy, but it a great way of making a lot of money.

The TAG style has been known to apply to post-flop or pre-flop but also a combination of the two. The most area of aggressive is during the pre-flop action. You will be able to open a wide range. The pre-flop aggressive play catch is that it can easily land you in great trouble.

Some players get reckless and wild when attempting to adopt a TAG play style. It is believed to be part of the learning process, and thus, when you have a few lost buy-ins, it should not come as a surprise as you work on your skills while playing aggressive, tight poker.

TAG tight

One of the misconceptions regarding tag poker is that it usually calls for the wilds as well as non-sensical plays. If you happen to watch the various moves which high stake players embrace both live and online, you might understand the idea that raising with any of the two cards might be the correct strategy when you play TAG.

People tend to believe this is due to them incorrectly assuming that the tight always denotes that they are playing premium hands. The truth of it all is that the tight means that you are not playing a lot of the hands.

 For this to be illustrated, you could still be seen to have a tight even if your hands you are playing are off suited for just four gappers. The tight denotes that you play relatively low numbers of pots.

An influential player of TAG will know which hands are to fit in their range in whatever situation. K3, for example could be an open muck easily if you happen to be in an early position, but it could as well be raised if you are on a button looking to steal and limpers.