Saturday, April 13, 2024

Premier League 2022 Fixtures Release Dates


Now that the 2021/22 season of the Premier League is finally over with Manchester City reigning victorious for two consecutive times, the English top-flight will have a break for a few months before the next season begins.

The next season of the Premier League will feature a few changes and in this guide, we will discuss these changes and how it will affect the next fixtures of the tournament.

When does the Premier League season start and end?

On June 16 at 9am, the organizers of the top-flight English live football announced the official fixtures of the 2022/23 season of the Premier League. The tournament will be the 31st season of the Premier League and also the 124th season of the first division of English football in general.

The Premier League 2022/23 campaign will commence on the Saturday of August 6 this year. As for the finals, the epl results will officially end on May 28 next year. 

Twenty clubs will be competing for the tournament with the top seventeen teams from the previous season returning. They will be joined by the three teams promoted in the EPL namely Bournemouth, Fulham and Nottingham, they will replace the relegated teams Watford, Burnley and Norwich City. 

How will the World Cup and the pandemic affect the Premier League?

The 2022/23 season of the Premier League was heavily adjusted to make way for the World Cup in Qatar which will be held in the middle of the club football season with the betting odds available on your favorite sportsbook. The World Cup was delayed significantly due to the rising concerns about the pandemic and for practical reasons, due to the extreme temperature of summer months in the host nation, Qatar.

Instead of being held in the summer months like it was supposed to be, the World Cup was delayed for the winter months to avoid the health problems that the players and fans will experience due to the extreme temperatures of the Qatari summer. 

Another reason for the delay is because Qatar needs more time to finish all the required infrastructures for the World Cup. 

As a result, a mid-season break will be held in the Premier League to accommodate the World Cup and the season will resume after the finals. The last game will be held before the break on November 13 and the first match after the break will be held on December 26 (Boxing Day). 

How about the Champions League and other domestic tournaments?

Several European and domestic tournaments also adjusted their fixtures accordingly to accommodate the World Cup with the new football odds available on the betting sites. 

The group stage of the next season of the Champions League will commence on September 6 which is much earlier by one week compared to the 2021/22 season. The group stage games will be held on back-to-back weeks, instead of being played in two and three-week intervals, this move is designed to ensure that the group stage will finish before the start of the World Cup in November. 

The official draw date for the group stage will be held on August 25 and the finals of the tournament will be held in Istanbul on June 10 next year and the live streaming of the football online is also being set.

Meanwhile, the third round of the FA Cup will be held on January 8 next year, with the final football match occurring on June 3. As for the Carabao Cup, the third round will be held on November 9 this year, and the final match will be played on February 26 next year.

Final thoughts

The next season of the Premier League might be a condensed season yet due to the adjustments made to accommodate the World Cup. On the bright side, the mid-season break will be time to take a rest for domestic players who will not participate in the international tournament.