Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Best Guide to Play Online Sports Betting in Singapore


Are you a sports maniac? Do you love watching all sports? What if your knowledge of sports helps you earn real income? Isn’t it interesting? We don’t think that there would be a better option for adding extra income to your pocket as this is your cup of tea. You possess that passion and interest in sports that will help you make firm and instant decisions. If you are confused, what we are talking about, then don’t be as it is none other than Singapore online betting.

What is online betting? 

It is also termed as sports betting which means you need to predict the outcome of the sports game on which you are going to place a bet. There are a number of sports in Singapore on which bets are placed. The practice of online betting is done both at the beginner and the professional level. It is not just confined to on ground human sports but also it is placed on non-human sports such as horse racing.

What betting options do one have? 

There are so many types of betting that are done but before moving on to the types, we must know which sports we can bet on. So here is the list:-

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Association Football
  • Auto Racing
  • American Football
  • Boxing
  • Hockey
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Horse Racing
  • Track Cycling
  • Greyhound Racing
  • E-sports such as Motor sports etc

One must have a little knowledge about the game such as the rules of the game, number of players, tips, tricks, strategies and winnings of the game etc.

Types of Betting: 

  • Fixed Odds: This is one of the most popular betting. Here, the player places a wager on the result and the bookmaker (bookie) accepts it. If the player wins, the agreed odds are won by the player but if the player loses, then the full stake of the player goes to the bookie. If you are using fixed odds betting, you can use any of the below mentioned ways to place your bet :-
  1. Futures
  2. Money line
  3. Totals
  4. Handicap Market
  5. Props
  • Pari Mutual Betting: The ultimate motive in this type is to reduce the middlemen i.e. the bookie so as to minimize the margins. So the question is if the bookie is eliminated then how is money placed? In this case money is collected into a pool before the event and after it ends, the pool prize money is splatted into the winning bettors. 
  • In-play or Live Betting: This is the most interesting one as you don’t need to rely on pre- determined statistics. Here, as the name implies, you get to place your bets while watching the sports which helps you make clear and smart decisions.


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